Cricket got Plaid

Finally my home team is touring England for the summer cricket series! For my sporty outing at the Oval I’ve chosen to wear a colourful plaid shirt and black leggings.


Cricket is a lengthy game (seasons can change in the duration) so comfort was a number one priority. I’ve chosen an oversized shirt because it’s comfortable, the sleeves can be handily rolled down for the evening session (avoids having to lug around a jacket all day) and if you’re wearing low-rise then it’s provides great coverage while seated! I swear by the Rag & Bone leggings I’m wearing, it fits like a glove and I end up wearing it at least once a week. The velvety feel of the fabric makes them super comfy and it’s really good wash and wear (limescale has failed to ruin this pair after nearly 2 years of ownership). I’ve completed the outfit with black flats – anything other than flats in a sports stadium is not appropriate!

IMG_5327 IMG_5333 IMG_5349

Pre-match catch practising!


On a side note, well done the Black Caps on the win!!!



Shirt – Ralph Lauren, Harrods (in-store on sale for £30)

Jeans – Selfridges

Shoes (old)

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