Double Denim

Double denim has been dubbed a fashion faux pas for as long as I can remember but lo and behold it’s this season’s biggest trend! The years of stigma attached to wearing double denim is hard to overcome but if you can’t beat it might as well join in right?! I took the plunge and decided to sport the look for my weekend rendezvous in Chester.


I wasn’t sure where to start with this trend so decided to blend different shades of denim to create a subtle and wearable style. If you want to give this look a go then I think wearing a light-wash denim shirt or jacket with white or black jeans is a good place to start! The best thing about this trend is that you most likely have it in your wardrobe already 🙂




If you are yet to be convinced by this trend then try the all-over denim look with a playsuit (see my brunch post) or a denim dress or even create a replica by pairing a denim skirt/jeans with a blue top. Most importantly – have fun with it!




Jeans: Net-a-PorterSelfridges

Shirt (old). Similar: Topshop

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