This vibrant, friendly, colourful island is the perfect escape to bask in some winter sun! Endless days of lying on the white sandy beach soaking in the sun and sipping cocktails was exactly what the doctor ordered! In fact I can’t remember the last time I had a holiday so lazy but here are a few snaps of me exploring the island.



This chambray lace up shift dress was ideal for strolling around in the heat. The light weight fabric is the perfect substitute for staying with the denim trend in warmer temperatures. If you’re thinking; what’s the difference anyway?….then wonder no more! The main difference between denim and chambray is the way the fabric is woven, denim is woven diagonally while chambray is woven plainly (criss-cross). This results in denim being more dense. The best way to tell the difference is flipping the fabric over, chambray looks pretty much the same on both sides whereas denim is lighter on the underside.




One of the best things we did on the island was to hire a local driver to give us a private tour of the island and this colourful playsuit was the perfect choice to blend in with the local spirit!




The rest of the time was spent being complete beach bums!



barbados 3



Denim Shift Dress (on sale!): Abercrombie & Fitch

Playsuit (on sale!): Asos

Beach cover up: Seafolly (available at SelfRidges); Similar: Coco Bay, Selfridges


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